Best Friend

Image being at your best friend wedding as she marries Harry Styles….

I watched Harry dance with her. The greatest night of his life was the worst night of my life. Its been 2 years , 5 months and 2 days since I fell in love with Harry Styles. And here I am supporting my best friends as I put on a show acting like nothing is wrong . He’ll never know the truth of my feelings or what his smile does to me especially when his dimples show. But, yet his happy with her.Those green eyes of his only shine for her as the dance across the ballroom floor to their song. The song I helped him write that expressed my feeling for him , but he yet does not  know. God , I feel like crying. My heart is breaking into two no a thousand pieces. I shall not cry , ladies do not cry and I would be the worst maid of honor in the history of wedding if I cry . She smiles at me and mouths ‘thank you’. Is it possible for the heart to break even more ? I should have stopped the wedding or maybe even told Harry how I truly felt . Now , its to late , forever to late. Because what kind of best friend would I be to ruin the most important day of their life …. 


Popped in my head it did this story line. Hope you enjoyed , if not then oh well :)